Kurt Plinke

By April 29, 2016Artists

Kurt Plinke has been observing and depicting nature for over thirty years. First studying watercolors in Ohio with Leland McClellan, Kurt has been a student of water-based mediums ever since. In College, Kurt considered becoming a biologist, and studied both art and biology at Wilmington College and Bowling Green State University. Later, Kurt studied egg temperas and painting at Towson University. Chance landed Kurt and his family in Maryland, where he was taken with the diversity of life along the Chesapeake Bay and it’s Eastern Shore. Since moving to the shore, Kurt has spent years studying and observing the myriad of intertwined ecosystems there, depicting what he sees in his detailed watercolors. He often becomes fascinated by the overlooked; those little creatures hiding underfoot or overhead. Many of his watercolors reflect this, paintings of insects, amphibians, and moss-covered rocks. Other paintings look at natural patterns and rhythms. Kurt loves to identify patterns in nature, be it as simple as the veins of a leaf or as complex as the repetition of migration and movement. These paintings may be some of his favorites, as they at first appear simple, then gain in complexity as they are viewed.