I have always liked to make things and still do. One of my first projects of note was a chess set I designed and turned while in high school. Ever since then the lathe has held a special fascination for me. However, my work as a high school mathematics teacher, summertime carpentry, and raising a family occupied most of my time for many years. When the local school system eliminated the industrial arts program and sold the equipment, I purchased the same lathe I had used as a high school student. I was back to woodturning. I have been fortunate enough to have studied woodturning with David Ellsworth, Bob Rosand, Cindy Drozda, Al Stirt, Don Derry, and Bill Grumbine. I am a member of Chesapeake Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners. Today, with my retirement from teaching approaching, I spend as much time as possible exploring and enjoying the vast world of woodturning.